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Hello and welcome to “The Chiro Express” Bringing Chiropractic To Your Door.   Dr. Chris Bowe has been serving the Atlanta communities. The goal of our practice is to identify the cause of a patient’s pain provide the proper care to correct the condition and counsel the patient on how to prevent the problem from returning.  Using chiropractic techniques, conservative techniques, and state of the art equipment, he has been helping people become pain free.  Dr. Bowe treats patients with Disc problems (herniated discs or bulging discs), Myofascitis, Neck pain, Headaches, Migraines, Accidents, Falls, Overexertion, Stress, Low Back Pain, Sprain, Strains, Muscle Pain, Muscle Spasm, Facet Syndrome, Radiculopathy, and more.  


Dr. Bowe Brings Affordable Chiropractic To Atlanta

Affordable Chiropractic for the people of Atlanta.

What is this all about? Professional chiropractic care is now available in your home or office. Scheduling and appointments for weekdays and weekends allow treatment for people who work during normal business hours, stay at home parents, or people without transportation allows for convenience.

The Chiro Express Clinic still combines the old values of personalized care with modern treatments and techniques. Dr. Bowe can deliver high-quality, personalized chiropractic services to patients in the convenience, safety and familiarity of their own homes or workplaces.

When needed, The Chiro Express can refer a patient for additional tests/opinions or for X-rays or scans. Modern technology makes access to these tests convenient & affordable.

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